It’s called Generations and it was born from the need to inspire a rediscovery of Veronese cuisine, to give it new life and introduce it to the palates of a younger generation.

Veneto’s gastronomic tradition, often overshadowed by other Italian cuisines, continues to thrive and evolve within restaurants, hosterias, and lodgings in the region.

A patrimony that must be preserved and kept alive, and thus must be introduced to a younger clientele, the type that may initially find themselves intimidated by a gourmet establishment.

Driven by these demands, some of Verona’s youngest restaurant owners, committed to their region and what it can offer, have decided to join forces, creating Generations.


Il Desco, a fine dining story

The new book Il Desco is now available online,

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Desco - Generations
Desco - Generations

One book, many stories

People and places are illustrated by some of the greatest writers and journalists, gastronomic and not. Each chapter contains a memory, a passion, a philosophy, a friend, an experience. “What we live is what we then, inevitably, serve on a plate.” Journeys, tattoos, custom motorbikes, gastronomic icons, extreme sports…

“Dedicated to those who loves to cook, travel, draw, read, learn, make, fly”