Matteo & Elia

First there was Elia Rizzo. A renowned figure and true icon of Il Desco, who, in 1981,  felt the need to open a restaurant in Verona that would elevate the region’s gastronomic tradition to elegant fine-dining. He earned a Michelin star in 1985 that the restaurant has kept ever since, thanks to a deep passion for his restaurant and a genuine hospitality towards Il Desco’s diners.

Matteo Rizzo, his son, grew up at Il Desco, learning the ins and outs of both the kitchen and the dining room. Then, the urge to leave the nest, to travel and to experience other cultures and cuisines, kicked in. After a series of experiences abroad, Matteo returned home, ready to take the reigns of the family restaurant, thus guaranteeing a continuation of the business, a rite of passage and a transfer of responsibility passed to him by his father.

Today, at the helm of Il Desco, Chef Matteo Rizzo reflects on his experiences and past in his dishes, on his travels and his passions. At the same time, he preserves the traditions and culinary patrimony of his region that have always guided the restaurant, teachings he inherited from his father.


Art and design are frame our dishes, served within a Renaissance palazzo in the heart of Verona.

Our dishes are the best ambassadors of Il Desco’s philosophy. Simplicity, quality ingredients, a return to tradition, and attention to our clientele.