Generations begins: four evenings of haute cuisine in Verona in the works

Generations is ready to explode onto the city in a series of 4 hand dinners that will see Matteo Rizzo flanked by some of the city’s greatest chefs, young cooks with starred resumes that are putting Verona on the map through their dedication and skill. The first two dinners are slated for Tuesday 23 October at restaurant 12 Apostoli with Chef Mauro Beffo, and at restaurant Perbellini di Isola Rizza, Thursday 15 November, with executive chef Francesco Baldissarutti. Another two evenings are tentatively scheduled for the beginning of 2019 and will see chefs Michael Silhavì of restaurant Ponte Pietra and Matteo Grandi, chef patron of De Gusto di San Bonifacio. Four tastings conceptualized to guide diners on a journey inside and outside the walls of Verona. Wines from Cantina Allegrini, protagonist of the history of Valpolicella of the 16th-century, a vineyard that, along with the chefs, share the hopes and goals of the project.