A tradition
is passed on

We value the Italian gastronomic culture, always making it current.
For over 35 years, Michelin Star in the center of Verona.

Our History

It was 1981, more than 40 years ago, a date that our loyal customers can’t forget: Elia Rizzo felt the need to give a new push to the Veronese gastronomic tradition, from a simple territorial cuisine to a new conception of haute cuisine, with precision and elegance. In this year he opened Il Desco Restaurant.

The first awards were not long in coming, with the first Michelin star being awarded in 1985, a reward that has been confirmed and reconfirmed, year after year, by the world’s most famous gastronomic Guide. To support Elia in the project, later on, also his son Matteo. Bolstered by experiences around the world, which have placed him in front of different realities, cultures and cuisines, Matteo is ready to take the reins of the family restaurant, reflecting in each dish his experiences, passions and travels, without forgetting Elia’s heritage, guidelines and his “legacy”.

Today, more than 40 years after its inauguration, Il Desco’s clientele is greeted by the courtesy and professionalism of the restaurant’s young staff, supervised by the Rizzo family. Young professionals who fully embrace the restaurant’s philosophy, which has remained unchanged over these 4 decades: shaping the history of Veronese cuisine.

Guida Ristoranti
Gambero Rosso

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Guida Ristoranti


Il Desco is energy, taste, professionalism and dynamism.

Our dishes are the best ambassadors of the thought that guides us every day.
Simplicity, quality of raw materials, return to tradition and customer care.