Not by geographical areas, but by Terroir: Il Desco’s wine list revolution

Have you already leafed through our new wine list, completely “outside the box”, which reflects the contemporary, young and dynamic spirit of our restaurant?

The focus around which this project revolves is the concept of Terroir, a term that finds no meaning in any other language other than french. Terroir is a complex system, made of a series of different elements that go beyond the geographical area, including geological, pedological and climatic territory, and most of all the work of a community that interacts with the nature of the territory itself, and gives life to culture, tradition and knowledge, which have been preserved throughout the years.

The purpose of this project is to make wine available to a wide range of people, giving small producers the chance to have the same value of the most well-known brands, while allowing the customer to make a more conscious choice.

Therefore, the wine menu has been divided following the many references, starting with Champagnes and sparkling wines classified not by regions, but by vine varieties, and organised according to features such as the time of rest on the yeasts. Then, there are the Historical territories, like Borgogna, Barolo and the city of Verona, where the tradition has persisted for centuries.

Another section is dedicated to the Panoramas, macro-areas which share the same pedoclimatic features, like the proximity to the sea or an high altitude viticulture, without focusing on the geopolitical border, but rather concentrating on the elements that influence the wine, in order to create a unique style.

The wine list is completed by great wines by the glass, sweet wines, magnums and spirits.

You can preview our new wine list here on our website, then we look forward to seeing you at “Il Desco” to tell you even more in-depth about this beautiful project which shows our most dynamic and innovative soul. A real revolution.